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FUNctional Therapy

FUNctional Therapy is a paediatric occupational therapy (OT) practise delivering goal focused, evidence based therapy in the Albury/Wodonga region. We focus on maximising independence and participation in daily activities for children and their families.

Mobile clinic

We deliver OT in contextually appropriate settings in a fun and engaging environment. This means we come to your home, or child's kinder, school or even the local park.

Evidence based

We provide specialist and up to date therapy based on current evidence and literature. We regularly up skill our therapists and understand the importance of continuously learning.

Goal oriented

We help you and your child set meaningful and realistic goals, and are passionate about helping your child reach their full potential. We believe the most effective way to deliver therapy is play based in a FUN way.

Family centred

We focus on what is most important to you and your child. It is our priority to make sure that you feel listened to and motivated to achieve your families goals.
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What is OT?

What we do

OT’s are proficient in skill-teaching, modifying the task at hand or adapting the environment in order to make life that little bit easier. Our primary focus is to enable people to participate in activities of everyday life and to reach their full potential.

Paediatric OT

Paediatric OT’s specialise in children's main occupations; play, self-care, school skills and socialisation. We assess your child’s development, independence, fine/gross motor skills, cognition and visual/perceptual skills and provide therapy to enhance participation in activities in that are important in a child’s life.

About us

Jen Robin

Director of FUNctional Therapy / Occupational Therapist
Being an Albury local, Jen brings a wealth of knowledge in the field back to the border gained through her career as an OT at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Westmead Hospital in Sydney, and Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

Jen specialises in paediatric neurological and physical impairment. She is highly experienced in delivering OT to children with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, rare bone / genetic diseases, syndromes and global developmental delays.
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