Fine Motor Skills

December 11, 2019

Fine motor skills are the coordination of the small muscle movements in your hands in conjunction with hand-eye coordination, to enable you to explore your environment, to learn and to play. Believe it or not, these important skills begin to develop from birth!

The coordination of both hands together will enable your child to complete everyday activities such as grasp, hold, pick up and manipulate objects, for example; to hold and draw with a crayon or texta, to push and pull objects together and apart, to open and close containers, to use scissors, to do up zips, buttons and shoelaces- all of which are important skills for everyday life as a child.

Paediatric occupational therapists specialise in facilitating the development of fine motor skills and control if your little one is requiring some extra support, particularly around the time of commencing kindergarten, or if having difficulty with school skills such as handwriting and scissor use.

FUNctional Therapy are here to help with the development of your child’s fine motor skills, contact us for further information or assessment.

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