Our services

We offer individual and group sessions, based on what best suits your child’s goals and requirements. An initial assessment is firstly completed in an environment that is comfortable and convenient for you and your child to determine goals and therapy plan.

Individual sessions

Therapy sessions usually take place once a week or fortnight for time limited blocks, depending on your child's goals and progress.

Initial assessment

Includes a hollistic assessment of your child’s strengths and areas of difficulty, including development, upper limb function, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive functioning, physical and postural requirements and participation in activities of daily living.

Goal directed therapy

We facilitate goal setting using a standardised goal setting tool to determine your child’s priorities for therapy. These goals will help guide your child's therapy plan and will be reviewed regularly. We encourage families to be involved in the goal setting and therapeutic processes.

Therapy plans

A therapy intervention plan is established for your child following initial assessment. The intensity and duration of therapy will be based on your child’s goals and individual requirements.

Group sessions

FUNctional Therapy runs group programs throughout the year. We tailor our groups based on the requirements of our clients. Please get in touch to find out what groups are currently running and if they would be suitable for your child.


Post Botulinum toxin-A upper limb therapy
Self care skills
Fine and gross motor skill development
Complex upper limb management
Play skills
Neurological & developmental delay
COOP approach to skill acquisition
Participation & inclusion in activities i.e sports
Equipment prescription
School skills, school readiness & school transition
Environmental modifications

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